A Quick Look At The Android Wearables From Oneplus Nord CE

Oneplus has just launched the brand new OnePlus Nord CE 4G for free on its official site. The handset is available at a whopping $400. Another amazing feature of the handset is that it offers high-end entertainment features like movie theatre and music downloads to its users. All this and more is what the OnePlus brand offers to its users. If you are looking to buy Oneplus, then you should consider getting the handset online from one of the many stores that is offering it.

The innovative Oxygen design in th oneplus nord cee rear with the dual camera on the front is really something special. On the other hand, the phone comes with a sleek, slim, metallic body. The dual cameras ensure that you get a clearer, quality image. Users have reported good battery life, even though it is not excessively durable and robust like others.

With the Oneplus brand, you get an inbuilt image sensor, a heart rate monitor, a fingerprint scanner, a barcode scanner, and an ultra-light body. This makes it one of the best choices when it comes to handsets that offer great multimedia features and that too at a very reasonable price. The latest buzz is that the phone has been launched with a price of Rs 22,000. The company has not yet disclosed any specific details regarding the build and specifications of the device.

The Oneplus brand aims to combine functionality and aesthetics in its products. The dual camera allows you to capture images in different modes like simple still or a moving image. The image capturing options include either clicking the image, or the option of pinch-zooming which helps to zoom in. The social media interface allows you to share your pictures with your friends and family via the social media platform and also send them out to your friends via text message. This allows you to make use of social media’s powerful features without feeling cumbersome.

The Oneplus brand offers two storage options for the Oneplus Nordic. The first one is the capacity of 16GB where the normal price of the gadget is around forty five dollars and the other storage option is of a larger size of 1GB. The Nordic comes with a quad core processor from Samsung and comes with an aluminum frame. The connectivity features include four or six GB of RAM, GSM mobile network, EDGE and Bluetooth technology and a micro SD slot.

The other important feature of the handset is the high resolution camera with an LED flash, which helps to take better pictures and videos. The user has the option of a built in Document Viewing facility and this makes it easier to upload the same. The other important feature of the Oneplus Nordic is the infrared heat seeker which helps to keep the device warm when it is used in low temperatures and this can be a great help for those who have to use the device in low temperatures such as rooms. The Oneplus also has a single ear phone jack which makes it more convenient for those users who do not like to use speaker phones to talk with their friends.